Best Self Tanner For Face

Best Self Tanner For Face

Add our self-tanner for face to your beauty regime and show off a seamless glow all year round.

There’s nothing quite like a glowing sun tan to give you a confidence boost but, with the current British Summer, this could be rather hard to achieve! With Amanda Harrington London’s Illuminating Bronzing Face Mist, you can have that ‘you look well’ glow we all crave.

Our face set will give you the sun-kissed look that you’ll fall in love with.

This fantastic set contains everything you need to make your face and skin even more beautiful. Follow Amanda’s genius 3-Step Method to achieve a natural glow:

Step 1– Start with the Pre-Colour Primer to hydrate and prep skin. It also contains low-level tanning agents to help prolong the life of the tan.

Step 2– Next, apply the blendable Illuminating Bronzing Mist which contains CQ10 and Collagen to give your face immediate radiance.

Step 3– Finally, with the Face Lifter Brush, blend and sculpt your face to achieve the desired natural sun-kissed look.

By buying our Face Kit, you can make a saving of £26, choose from 3 different skin tones and make the most out of our free delivery on orders over £50!

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