The 2020 Awards Season graced us with a collection of awe-inspiring looks that ticked all the boxes. From Charlize Theron in Vintage Dior to Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture, inspiration for our upcoming events was flowing. These pieces of craftsmanship are nothing short of iconic, but we all know that these looks are quintessentially complimented by their partnering beauty looks and skin finishing. Awards Season is a busy time for Amanda, so here are our favourite 2020 red carpet looks that gave us all the skinspo.

Emilia Clarke

Emilila Clarke was talk of the town with her 90’s inspired sleek chignon and vampy eye makeup at this year’s BAFTAs. However, what we loved the most was her supernatural glow which made her skin look rejuvenated and alive. Her lightly highlighted décolletage brought the eyes straight to the statement Asprey earrings that framed her face and sat oh so effortlessly alongside her Schiaparelli dress and porcelain, Natural Rose like complexion.

Gemma Arterton

When Natural Honey, Gemma Arterton stepped onto the red carpet at the Chanel pre-BAFTAs party, our eyes were instantly drawn to that ‘top line’, not sure what we mean? Keep reading. Gemma paired her iconic ‘beehive’ hairstyle with an intricate and elegant set of Chanel inspired pearls which radiated effortless class. Her expertly contoured shoulders and décolletage framed her corset perfectly, giving her skin a radiant, contoured and defined finish.

Jodie Turner-Smith

After Jodie Turner-Smith stopped the BAFTA show in her electric Gucci gown, we instantly knew we had met our number one skinspo of the Awards Season so far. Natural Olive, Jodie, paired her enviable pregnancy glow with an expertly curated collection of illuminators and skin finishing products to bring attention to her cleverly contoured top half. This unreal radiance has planted itself in our mind forever more as our ultimate skinspo.

Not all of us will have the opportunity to walk the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve a red carpet radiance. Keep reading for Amanda’s top 3 tips on achieving a glow that is nothing short of award-winning.

The Art of the Italian Shoulder

An Italian Shoulder starts on the outside line of the neck. Slim down the outer surface area by buffing and blending product down the neck onto the tips of the shoulders. Use a small bit of the Body Mousse to blend in circular motions around the points of your shoulder to deepen the shadow and bring the light to your top line.

The Definitive Décolletage

Just like contouring and highlighting your face, you must focus on bringing light forward and creating shadow to emphasise certain parts of your form. Gently hunch your shoulders forward so that your collar bones are more pronounced then darken the skin around the collar bones so that they standout. In soft, circular motions darken the breast plate in the centre of your chest so the décolletage truly ‘pops.’

The Seductively Sculpted Arm

Once you’ve completed your Italian shoulder, bring the tan down your ‘outside line’. This refers to the part of your arm that is furthest away from your torso, down past your elbows, forearms, right down to your fingertips. For a sculpted bicep, buff the Body Mousse around the muscle darkening the skin that falls alongside it. To add definition to your triceps, repeat this on the back of your arm.

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