Whether you want to brighten your skin during the cold, dark months or give yourself the perfect base tan before jetting off to somewhere exotic, we all deserve a glow and men, that means you too. 

While it may seem daunting at first, fake tan is an easy, risk-free way of getting that healthy summer glow all year round. But, if not applied correctly you could end up with an unwanted streaking complexion with an added terracotta hue. And no one wants that! Luckily, you don't run that risk with the Amanda Harrington London range. If you’re a beginner to men’s fake tan, we’ve created this compact guide full of our expert tips and tricks so you can confidently apply your fake tan for the ultimate, natural golden glow.

Step-by-step guide on applying fake tan for men

Give your skin the boost of colour it needs by following these 5 straightforward steps.

  •  Tidy up your beard

If you’re planning on self-tanning your face, then ideally, you should trim and tidy up your beard to avoid the tan tinting some unkempt areas. This should be done the night before as tanning freshly shaven areas may feel a little sensitive.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating any dry areas on your body is a vital step in the sunless tanning process. Not only will this provide a smooth base and reduce the risk of patchiness, but it’ll also leave your skin feeling nourished and soft to the touch

  • Protect your nails

Don’t forget your hands! Accidentally tanning your hands and nails orange is a common occurrence amongst tanning beginners. We’d always recommend wearing gloves, but to be extra cautious, you can also apply vaseline or our Ultra Balm to your nails to stop the tan from absorbing.

  • Apply the self-tan

Taking a small amount of product, apply the tan in even layers all over the body, massaging it into the skin in circular motions. If you’re applying the fake tan to your face, we’d recommend using our innovative Face Lifter Brush to stipple the tan on around the beard area, down the neck and then sweeping it gently across the forehead and the rest of your face until you get a smooth, even amount of coverage.

Top products to use for men’s fake tan

The top essential male tanning products we suggest using are: 

  • Perfect Face Ultimate Gradual Tan - Hydrating and age-defying, our face tanner is full of ingredients needed to boost your skin’s radiance and build up a natural, sun-kissed glow that lasts longer and fades beautifully. 
  • Perfect Body Ultimate Gradual Tan - A counterpart to the Perfect Face Gradual Tanner, this product will create a subtle base colour that’s easy to build on a day-to-day basis to help you achieve a subtle, natural-looking sunless tan.
  • Face Mist Illuminating Bronzing Mist - Our lightweight, liquid formula allows for foolproof blending and will deliver immediate radiance to your face.
  • The Face Set - This set includes everything you need such as the Perfect Face Gradual Tan, Face Mist, 1 set of black latex-free gloves and the Face Lifter Brush all in a handy, zipped pouch, to create the perfect men’s face tan.

How frequently should you use the products?

  • Perfect Face Ultimate Gradual Tan - Use this Gradual Tan daily to build a natural looking, subtle bronzed based. Can also be used as a sunless tan extender in which we recommend being used 2-4 times a week after using your 3-Step Face Set.
  • Face Mist Illuminating Bronzing Mist - Use 1-2 times a week to maintain a healthy looking bronze. Use 2-3 spritz's per section of your face per application. The Face Mist is very easily buildable depending on the depth of colour you are looking to achieve. So layer up if you're looking for a deeper glow!
  • Perfect Body Ultimate Gradual Tan - Use this Gradual Tan every other day to build a natural looking, subtle bronzed based. Can also be used as a sunless tan extender in which we recommend being used twice a week after using your 3-Step Body Set.
  • Bronzing Body Tanning Mousse - Use every 7-10 days to maintain a healthy looking skin finish. Ensure you wait 30 minutes after applying before dressing, however after this you can go about your day to day as the colour is non-transferrable and will continue to develop for 6 hours. After 6 hours wash off with warm water and no soap, then pat your skin dry.

Our expert tips on men’s fake tan

One of the most invaluable tips we can give you when it comes to men’s fake tan is to remember to take it slow. Whilst it is a quick and easy process, it's not something to be rushed. And it’s much easier to build up colour over the next few days than it is to scrub it off if it’s too dark.

If you’re a beginner to men’s fake tan, we always recommend you carry out a patch test on a small area of skin 24 hours prior to tanning. Or, if you have any concerns to visit your GP before testing out new products.

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