There is no doubt about it, we are currently going through an unusual time. However, there is light at the end of tunnel and normality will soon resume. In the meantime, whilst we continue to commit to our zoom quizzes, morning runs and banana breads, we wanted to explore what mood boosting routines and rituals our team follow with some potential inspiration to ensue! 

We recently caught up with our founder, Amanda, on what routines and rituals she is currently following to keep her mood lifted and her spirits high. From painting to the spritzing rose water to goat kefir, here is what she said:

How do you start your morning?

I light my candles, meditate, feed my dog Spider, then make a supersonic smoothie and a large cup of coffee.

What do you love doing at home?

Painting. I paint on canvas with a much freer hand than I used to have. I am more interested in colour mixing and colour placement of paint for landscapes and skies in the country. I also ensure my home is always lit with candles and full of atomisers and terracotta scent balls. I am obsessed with good smells wafting through the home.

What is your go to exercise? 

A 30-minute HIIT session or weight session with Evolve 353 (online!) Followed by a dog walk.

What nutrition ritual do you religiously follow?

I really believe in supplements, and switching them up based on your current needs, state of body and mind. When these fluctuate, you need to be taking the correct supplements to help support those changes. Whatever supplement regime I am on, I remove them from the plastic encasements and add the powder into a superfood smoothie each morning. Otherwise I wouldn’t take as many supplements as I do! For mood boosting and brain health, opt for Omegas and B Vitamins, Magnesium to calm the mind and finally an immune boosting supplement to maintain wellness and optimum health. The only ‘constant’ I take it Goat Kefir – a very strong probiotic for gut and brain health.

What skincare ritual do you always follow?

Glycolic Cleansing as it suits my skin to exfoliate this way. I then always rehydrate with a really good Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin C Serum to protect from UV filters. I also will never go outside without applying a lightweight zinc SPF. At night times I cleanse, spritz with Rose Water then layer a mixture of natural Serums and Night Creams, plus, drinking 500ml of water throughout the night.

Whilst we’ve got you, what’s your favourite tanning tip?

Layer to last. We all know to exfoliate but add a good layer of gradual tan to put the moisture back into the skin before you apply any tan. Your tan will last days longer.

Lastly, what quote do you live by?

Always kill it with kindness

Thank you, Amanda! 

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