For your most believable colour yet, follow these expert tips and tricks from Amanda…


Be sure to exfoliate at least 12-24 hours before you tan, you need a smooth blank canvas otherwise tan clings onto dry patches – your skin needs to be at its optimum.


All unwanted hair should be removed 24 hours prior, waxing/shaving actually helps with exfoliation and 24 hours allows the pores to close again.

No Oil!

Stay clear of oil-based bath and oil-based skincare products. Oil breaks down the tan and causes it to separate on our skin – our skincare line was specifically designed to be tan-compatible for this reason.

Layer to last

Prime the skin like you would prime your face before make-up application. Use our face or body primer, then apply your face mist or body mousse. Top up your colour every other day using the primer as a low-level gradual.

Better by brush

We are the first tan brand to use tanning brushes for application – our tanning brushes buff the colour deeper into the skin for a lasting finish. Designed for both the face and body, our tanning brushes help blend the tan seamlessly and aid notoriously tricky areas such as hands and ankles.



Colour choice is imperative – colour will not sit well if you go for the wrong tone. The idea is that your tan should enhance your natural colouring, the skin should be glowing and colour should be realistic.


When your skin is perfectly hydrated, your tan will look more radiant, last longer and fade better. Our Ultimate Face and Body are tan-compatible, miracle moisturisers, designed to support, enhance and prolong the life of your tan.


If you are swimming, dip in and out then pat yourself dry – otherwise chlorine will accelerate the colour fading. Try also to have cooler showers, then pat dry – don’t rub.

Time it right

Never put tan onto hot skin, equally when it’s too warm. The colour will not absorb into the skin efficiently, and will go patchy.


Keep your colour products in the fridge or in cooler areas – bathrooms tend to get too hot and can make the colour turn green – AVOID!

  • Your bag is empty.