Do you find it hard to dedicate time to practicing wellness? If so, you are not alone so we thought we would share some insight from our Founder, Amanda, on her wonderful well-being wisdom. 


I always start my day with a quarter glass of goat kefir on an empty stomach (gulp!) followed by a hot lemon water. 

I can sometimes work a 15-hour day, mostly overseas with jet-lag, so I try to be disciplined with the food I eat. It’s easy to give in to sugar cravings but that spikes energy levels briefly then gives you a low.

Nuts, green juice and protein keeps hunger at bay in-between meal times. We are only human but it’s important to fuel our bodies the best we can if we, at times, put ourselves under pressure. Moderation and clean unprocessed food are key.



My morning skincare regime changes every day and I know that's not what you want to hear but it does and that's what works for my skin.

I feel you need to address what your skin needs that day. Our skin is an organ - it changes and fluctuates due to hormones, internal and external factors. 

Mainly it's post gym so it will be a Rose Melt Jelly Face Wash by Plenaire in the shower, with a light scrub mixed in for extra sheen, followed by plant mists, a lifting serum and some lymph tooling. 

Or it's my New Skin Face Glycolic Facial Pads followed by a hyaluronic serum and then a collagen sheet mask. 


I use a multitude of crystals in my life – each and every one is carefully placed. Each office has large white quartz crystal columns in each corner which have been ‘charged’ and there are vapours with various options of essential oil blends to choose from.

Books on crystal healing are dotted around and white sage and holy wood for my team to burn if they need to. Most of my team now wear crystals which they’ve found transformative.

The feedback I hear the most is: you are a very calm person, which makes them feel firstly at ease and secondly quite sleepy at times, which is just wonderful.


My biggest self-care indulgence is the supplements I take. Good, high potency supplements are key and, whatever you want to work on, your supplements will change.

For instance; brain health, organ health, skin, eyes, detoxification all require a different protocol. 

It's a life-long commitment that I know works.


I adore winding down with a long soak in the bath. I then use our Ultimate Body Moisturiser as it makes my skin feel super fresh slipping into my PJs. I’ve always had a passion with how your skin feels in the clothes I wear.

I believe the true foundation of beauty is how good our skin feels underneath - everything else only amplifies this.

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