The most important thing to focus on during your wedding day is feeling your best, and a faux-glow does just that. Instantly boosting confidence and illuminating skin so you look the very best version of yourself. Having tanned many brides for their big day, Amanda has some expert tanning advice for brides in the run up to their big day.

  • Test – Leave enough time in your wedding planning to trial and error. Whether you’re a sunless tanning newbie or an avid applier, be sure to test colour way in advance so you have enough time to see what works best for your skin tone – just as you would with your hair and makeup – so that there are no surprises on the day!
  • Skin Tone – Always tone down the shade for your bridal tan, there’s nothing worse than looking too dark next to the groom, or worse, not looking like yourself! Pick a colour that suits your natural skin tone, your tan should enhance your natural colouring. Be sure to remember your skin tone changes with the seasons. You can identify your skin tones using our skin tone guide.
  • Match – When you have selected your tan tone, be sure to match your makeup back to your new colour so you avoid the dreaded tidelines! Once you have your desired colour, have another hair and makeup trial 2 days after tanning, the colour will look more natural then and will have settled deep into the skin – the makeup artist and hair stylist can then enhance accordingly.
  • Enhance – It is important to remember that you want to look the best version of yourself on your wedding day – you want to look natural and have a wedding glow. Be be sure to bring photos of your dress so your tanner knows where to buff, bronze and sculpt the most. InParlour are the only beauty concierge service to offer the exclusive Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington ®.
  • Time – Amanda recommends having your final wedding tan at least two days before the wedding – that way you are guaranteed that there will be no transfer onto your dress and colour will have settled after showering to be photo-finish ready.
  • Prep – As applying any tan, the most important step is preparation and before your big day is no exception. Start improving the condition of your skin three months prior to your wedding day to achieve the perfect base. Use a body brush in the bath or shower over your whole body to improve the appearance of cellulite. To improve the skin’s surface and add radiance, use a Glycolic Body Scrub and Glycolic Facial Pads. Most importantly, keep skin hydrated and protected – moisturise with nourishing creams and drinking lots of water, protect by wearing SPF every day to avoid harmful rays.
  • The Day – On the morning of the wedding, have a mid-temperature shower using a citrus wash – remember to pat dry. Follow this with an illuminating body cream to add some glow to give life to the bronzed skin. Our Ultimate Body is a miracle moisturiser and is tan-compatible, meaning it will work to keep your tan glowing whereas some moisturisers cause the tan to separate on the skin. A secret tip – always use a little talcum powder where you would naturally perspire, this sets the tan and avoids transferral of colour onto your wedding dress.

Dervla, InParlour client

  • Hot Showers – Make sure you have cool to mid-temperature showers to keep your tan glowing. Don’t shower straight after applying tan. Allow the tan to set for a minimum of 6-8 hours, ideally overnight to let the colour sink beautifully into your skin. Remember to pat dry not rub after showering.
  • DIY (if you don’t have to) – Amanda heavily suggests steering away from DIY tans before your wedding. You want to feel your absolute best on your wedding day, so put your trust into someone who is trained and knows what they’re doing.
  • Feel nervous – Wearing just underwear or nothing at all in front of a stranger isn’t always the most comfortable, so it’s all about personality here. Try and meet your tanner to talk through what you’d like, that way you can get to know them. Amanda has been tanning for over 15 years, she remembers to think about her tone, pitch, talking to clients about the tan but also their life and getting to know clients like a friend. She always starts on the lower body, so you don’t have face to face contact for a while, this makes clients feel a lot more relaxed.
  • Incorrect clothing – Post tan it is important to remember to bring fairly loose clothing and ideally flip flops to change into. Although Bespoke Body Contour tans are applied by brush, meaning the colour is buffed deeper into the skin, you still need to allow time for this to set fully. Not wearing a bra after helps to avoid dreaded lines, also be wary of handbag straps that can rub tan off on arms/shoulders – bag-free and bra-free is the ideal.
  • Use oil-based products – oil is the enemy when it comes to sunless tanning. Stay clear of oil-based bath and oil-based skincare products as oil breaks down the tan and causes it to separate on our skin. Amanda’s skincare line was specifically designed to be tan-compatible for this reason. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by using oil-free sun lotions, Heliocare do a wonderful oil-free gel range.

We love Vogue Beauty’s article – 12 Month Bridal Beauty Countdown – to follow as a guide to the best preparation. Vogue linked AHL’s Natural Honey Body Set first in their list of fake tan brands to try for your wedding day.

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