If you’ve not met our family of game-changing tanning brushes, let us give you a little low-down. Four brushes, all expertly designed to work with the natural contours of your body and face, all shaped completely different with many different uses. These brushes were originally created to ensure the best absorption and longevity of the tan, and acted as AHL’s secret weapon to ensuring long-lasting, evenly bronzed skin. However now we use them in many other ways, including popping them into your makeup bag… Explanation pending.

Amanda has been using brushes for tanning for over 10 years, so in that time, has come up with many tips and tricks on how to maximise the use of these brushes so you don’t have to. Here are our top brush hacks for using your brush family wider than just applying the tan.

Streak-free Hands and Feet

Achieving a streak-free finish on these parts of the body can often be tricky. Especially when historically we used to use a mitt to get into the creases on our knuckles, in between our fingers, and around our ankles/wrists! Buff the product into the skin with a Big Body Brush to evenly distribute the tan across the full areas of your hands and feet. This will minimize streaks, patching or tan collecting in those areas.


The Face Lifter Brush is the only way you should be applying the Illuminating Face Mist to your face and neck to achieve a lifted, sculpted look. The angle of the brush adds extra shade to the skin which creates a contour on the skin like no other. Be ready to meet cheekbones you never thought you had. Places to contour; under the cheekbones, into the hairline by the temples on the head (just above the eyebrows) and down the sides of the neck.

Body Highlighters

The Small Body Brush will shortly confirm its permanent place in your makeup kit after you consider this incredible hack. For the ultimate skin finish, go through the full tanning application process as you would, then use the Small Body Brush and your favourite highlighter to gently buff over areas of your body for an instant radiance. Places to highlight; the side of your shins, under and above your collar bone and on the point of your shoulder.

Using with your Blusher & Bronzer

The dome shaped Face Buffer Brush is our definitive all-rounder that works with multiple different textured products including creams, powders and liquids. What does that mean? It means it is the perfect companion to use alongside your favourite blushers and bronzers when you’re looking to upgrade the makeup brush set you haven’t refreshed for the past 5 years.

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