The leaves have turned an iridescent golden brown, there is a gentle chill in the air and sun-drenched afternoons are no more. Welcome, Autumn. Your Autumnal skincare and tanning routine will need a little shake up as you transition from your Summer favourites into a regimen based on hydrating the skin and adding a gentle luminosity to the parts of your skin you choose to show.

For us the colder weather is a little nudge in remembering the importance of lathering your body in skin-loving ingredients that are going to leave you looking radiant and naturally glowing from the inside out. Amanda has therefore curated a collection of Autumnal Bronzing and Skincare Edits, designed to swaddle and swathe you in nourishing, hydrating and deeply soothing formulas that will melt into your skin, leaving it cashmere-soft, beautifully radiant with a natural bronzed hue of its very own.

Meet The Cashmere Collection

The Hydration Therapy Edit

Nourish, hydrate and deeply soothe your skin this Autumn with this rich and restorative trio. Amanda's favourite age-defying, radiance-boosting face cream with this deeply nourishing and firming body moisturiser, to ensure top-to-toe healthy and hydrated skin. Take your hydration to the next level with the Ultra Balm. The handbag staple which promises to rescue and soothe extra dry areas such as knuckles, ankles or elbows.

Amanda Harrington London Hydration Therapy Edit

The Brush On Beauty Edit

Change the way you tan forever with our essential ‘curve-compatible’ tools that work beautifully with the natural curves of the body, brushing and buffing your tan into the skin so it lasts longer and fades beautifully.  The brushes are super soft and hardwearing but to ensure you get the most out of your tanning tools make sure you wash them regularly using the Gentle Brush Care Shampoo. A skin loving and fragrance-free cleanser which can also be used on your makeup brushes.

Amanda Harrington London Brush On Beauty Edit


Bronze & Sculpt Face Duo

This exclusive duo brings you two of our key players in the face tanning game. Our best-selling and loved-by-all Face Mist will be an imperative addition to your beauty regimen this Autumn, and when paired with the Face Lifter Brush, this duo gives you everything you need to master the art of sunless tanning on your face.

Amanda Harrington London Bronze & Sculpt Face Duo

Bronze & Sculpt Body Duo

Elevate your A/W look with a radiant and sculpted head to toe glow. This bronzing duo brings you the award-winning Body Mousse and pairs it with our signature Big Body Brush.  Buff and bronze your skin for Amanda’s renowned contoured, streak-free body tan. This dynamic duo is packed full with ingredients that illuminate, hydrate and perfect the skin.

Amanda Harrington London Bronze & Sculpt Body Duo

Gradual Radiance Duo

Our illuminating, hydrating and tan-extending primers. New to 2020, these key products in our Autumn skincare regime have been innovatively formulated with a blend of mild tanning agents and light-reflecting particles that work to create a subtle base colour and extend the wear of your sunless tan. They contain skin soothing ingredients that help to boost hydration and suppleness and can be used alone as a Gradual Tan to build a subtle sun-kissed glow for Autumn. 

Amanda Harrington London Gradual Radiance Duo

The Cashmere Edit

With a shift in season comes a new approach to self-care, starting with your skin.  Unlock the secret to achieving cashmere soft skin with The Cashmere Edit. Start with New Skin Body to refine and brighten your canvas and allow skin to absorb even more hydration. Rescue and soothe extra dry areas such as knuckles, ankles or elbows using Ultra Balm. Then ensure a rich, subtle, buildable bronzed glow with the Ultimate Gradual Tan that melts into skin leaving it deeply hydrated.

Amanda Harrington London The Cashmere Edit

With a change in weather also comes a change in your skins habits. If your skin is starting to feel a little irritated and sensitive in these colder months, you’ll want to read our Guide to Tanning with Sensitive Skin next!

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