Nothing beats the feeling of the warm sun on your body. Moods are instantly lifted, smiles appear, and it always catapults our desire for bronzed, glowing skin. The safest way to get that sun-kissed look is by sunless tanning.

A personal story is the heart of Amanda’s brand and Amanda’s passion for skin safety is what inspired her to create her own range of sunless tanning products.

Whilst it’s drilled into us from a young age that wearing SPF daily is one of the most important things you can do to protect skin from harmful rays, still 85% of people in the UK admit to getting burnt 3 times of more in their lifetime.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, with rates continuing to rise, so keep your skin safe, nourished and radiant through sunless tanning at home, or abroad.


Summer in the city. Notorious for humidity, stillness and stifling commutes to work. “How do you tan during a heatwave?” is a question Amanda is asked regularly and thankfully, there are some expert tips and tricks she has to tan efficiently and to maintain your colour in warm weather.

  • Keep your tan cool in the fridge, the most commonplace for people to tan is the bathroom – but bathrooms get naturally hot from use. To ensure tan does not go green, keep it cool in the fridge or in another shaded location.
  • Don’t apply tan to hot skin, wait until your skin has cooled down post-shower or post exfoliating –that’s why Amanda recommends exfoliating 24 hours beforehand and not just before. Skin will settle and be preparation ready.
  • Similarly, to above, if you are about to apply tan, make sure you’re in a cool room and you are not hot and clammy as the tan will not sink into skin easily. It will sit on top of the skin and start to separate.

All these will put you in good stead for applying the most even, natural glow following Amanda’s revolutionary 3-Step Tanning Method for face and body.

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If you are someone that prefers to faux a glow whilst away, then our Pre-Colour Primer is the ultimate hero product and an essential item to be packed in your wash bag.

The Primer is packed with skin-loving ingredients that help moisturise and nourish the skin. It also contains low-level tanning agents that first, build a subtle base colour evenly. And second, it tops up your existing tan to ensure it lasts longer.

Another expert tip from Amanda:

  • If you are swimming, dip in and out then pat yourself dry – otherwise chlorine will accelerate the colour fading. Try also to have cooler showers, then pat dry – don’t rub.

If you’re heading off on a weekend break, then our Illuminating Bronzing Face Mist is a trusty 75ml so is suitable for hand luggage – spritz first thing in the morning and let the light-reflecting colour develop. The mist is also the perfect top-up for ‘bits on show’, adding immediate radiance to the skin.

If you are exposing your skin to the sun, then you MUST wear SPF as Amanda Harrington London products will not protect you. If you are wearing tan, then oil-free SPFs are your saviour. They are tan-compatible meaning they work together with the tan, not against it, as oil is notorious for disrupting the tan, causing it to separate on the skin!

  • Your bag is empty.