Achieving a long-lasting faux glow takes much more than simply rubbing in a few layers of body mousse to your skin. The key to making sure your tan lasts is all in the prep, maintenance and tanning tools. 

Applying fake tan with tanning brushes for a longer-lasting tan

If you apply your tan with a mitt, you are looking at a 5-day maximum life span. This is because tan will sit topically on the skin, and as your body generates new skin cells, your wonderfully bronzed glow will start to fade pretty quickly. With summer on our doorstep, we all desire at least a 7-day lifespan. 

Tanning brushes change your application game. By buffing the fake tan into your skin, you are reaching levels 2 and 3 of the skins epidermis, and what does that mean? It means that as your skin continues to regenerate, the DHA finds itself in deeper layers and therefore takes more cycles of skin regeneration for your tan to fade! 

Not only does applying tan by brush mean you get to keep your glow for longer, it also means your bronze will be streak-free, incredibly natural looking and even allows you to contour the skin to add a 3D finish to the skin… Want to hear more? Read all about the brush tan application.

Tanning Brushes | Amanda Harrington

Is scrubbing important to make fake tan last longer? 

If you want your fake tan to last at least 7 days but try and reach the 10 day mark, you need to make sure your skincare regime around your tanning is nailed down. People talk about the importance of scrubbing, but is it really that important? It most certainly is.

“Don’t think you can put fake tan on dry skin and think it’s going to look ok and last, please scrub! Then put moisture into the skin with a body lotion.” Amanda

How to make your fake tan last longer in 7 steps

Luckily for you, our AHL community, we have outlined all the steps you need to follow to ensure your fake tan lasts as long as possible. Meet, your Tan Timeline:

1. Remove any unwanted body hair 24 hours before tanning as this allows enough time for the pores to close.

2. Around 12 hours before applying tan, soak in a warm bath for 20 minutes to soften the skin. Then, with New Skin Body, scrub.

3. Lightly shower before applying tan to remove any deodorants or body moisturisers that contains oil.

4. Apply a layer of our Pre-Colour Primer, remembering to wash your hands after use. Apply the Body Mousse with the latex free tanning gloves (included) and Body Brushes, then wait for 6-8 hours for the colour to develop.

5. Wash off the guide colour in a lukewarm shower and be sure to pat yourself dry with a lightweight towel.

6. On day 2 use a light layer of our Pre-Colour Primer to top up your glow and get your tan lasting 7+ days.

7. Make sure you are moisturising with an oil free body lotion like our Ultimate Body every day!

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