We have all been there, it’s Wednesday night and you are prepping your skin ahead of applying your weekly dose of bronze the following day. You step out of the shower having exfoliated with your favourite scrub, but you notice those clusters of last week’s tan still clinging onto your skin for dear life, now what? There are many tan removal remedies on the internet, but what do the professionals do? We’ve listed them below for you. 

1. Take a bath in a warm, oily bath for 30 minutes

You know your skin, you know if you are prone to stubborn patches of tan. If this is you, trade in your normal scrub in the shower for an oily bath instead. Oil naturally causes DHA (tans active ingredient) to separate and therefore fade at an accelerated rate. If you combine oil with warm water, you will notice the tan starting to lift relatively quick. For extra stubborn areas, take a loofa and gently rub over the tan, this will be sure to give you a clean canvas. 

2. Exfoliate with Glycolic Acid 

We understand that using Glycolic Acid (AHA) on your skin can be quite daunting if you haven’t tried it before. But do not fear, like oil, AHA’s cause tan to separate on the skin and fade quickly. Chemical exfoliation is also safe to use on your skin (as long as you wear an SPF after applying it) and is often a lot kinder to the top few layers of the skin, as a physical exfoliant can be quite abrasive by causing small lacerations on the skin. Our New Skin Body combines glycolic and fruit acids to refine and polish the skin ensuring rapid exfoliation and a fresh, clean canvas. If you find you need to remove that extra bit of tan, wipe our New Skin Face Glycolic Facial Pads gently across the areas of collected tan the next day and watch that colour lift.

3. Time to get sweaty

Not all of us will be lucky enough to have a steam room in our house, but if you do, or have access to one, sit in there for 20 minutes then get a damp loofah and start to massage the skin. The steam would have opened your pores and made your top layers of skin become very supple, which makes for the perfect time to gently exfoliate the tan off. Don’t have a steam room? No problem. A 40-minute HIIT workout should get you sweating! Or steam up your bathroom with a hot shower.

4. Check what you have at home 

There are a lot of ‘at home’ remedies for removing unwanted tan circulating around the internet, but these must be approached with caution. Our go to home remedy is a baking soda paste. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with some coconut oil and rub together till it forms a paste. Rub this over your hands, feeds, elbows or any problem areas and leave this on for a few minutes. Wash this off and you should see clean, tan-free skin.

Removing un-wanted, stubborn tan can often feel laborious, but the key to ensuring that tan is lifted quickly and effectively is to make sure that you are keeping your skin hydrated and exfoliating effectively. Our tan-compatible skincare range has been created to work effortlessly alongside the tan to not only prepare the canvas ready for colour, but also to maintain your beautifully bronzed glow. Keep your tan going strong by applying our Ultimate Body each day and using our New Skin Body on day 3 to ensure the removal of any collected dead skin!

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