A glow lowdown for our pale skinned tan fans 

Finding the best fake tan for pale skin can be a tricky process that is often accompanied with tell-tale signs of a faux-bronze and a tangoed hue. However, just because this has happened in the past, does not mean it needs to happen again. We all deserve a natural-looking sun-kissed bronze, and our ‘Master the Art of Sunless Tanning’ mantra is applicable to all. Mastering the art of a subtle glow for pale skin is an easy process when you know what you’re doing…So, let us tell you.

Find a tan that works with your skin tone 

Something we cannot stress enough is how important it is to consider your own skin tone when you are looking for your next glow giver. There are a lot of tans on the market that do not consider skin tones and instead focus on % of DHA (tans active ingredient), and unfortunately for our porcelain-skinned bronzers, that’s just not going to give you the fake tan shade you need or desire!

1. Undertones 

When you go shopping for your favourite foundation, what shade do you go for? Something with a pink undertone, neutral maybe or even green? The same applies when you are looking for your perfect fake tan. Your undertone should influence the fake tan you go for, and whilst this does require an extra bit of research into your favourite brands, you’ll thank us later. If you are pale-skinned, you’ll most likely (but not always) have a pink/red undertone. This means that you need a fake tan with a lilac base just like our Natural Rose shade. These two colours work so beautifully against each other to create a really naturally looking bronze on pink skin.

2. Look At Your Wrists 

Still not sure what undertone you are? Let us break it down for you:

Cool Undertone 

Your veins may appear bluish or slightly purple in colour. Your perfect shade is Natural Rose.

Warm Undertone 

Your veins can appear blue or slightly greenish. Your perfect shade is Natural Honey.

Darker Undertone

Your veins as greenish in colour. Your Perfect shade is Natural Olive.

3. How You Tan Naturally

When on holiday, how do you tan naturally? Burn when exposed to the sunlight? Or perhaps you gently freckle then pick up a nice glow? The key to this is that if you are a pale-skinned guy or girl, you probably wouldn’t pick up a golden glow overnight…So don’t buy a fake tan that will make you look like you do! It will just look unnatural on your skin and will instantly look like you’ve gone down the fake tan route (not that we would ever be embarrassed about it, but we understand sometimes you’d rather keep your fake tanning habits under wraps!). 

Consider Gradual Tans

If you are on the quest for a natural-looking glow but you don’t know where to start, a Gradual Tan is a great starting point. Not only can you control your glow, but you can also build the colour daily so if you would like to look a little more sun-kissed, no problem! Just add another layer of your gradual fake tan. Gradual tans often contain a low-level DHA (tans active ingredient) so if you’re worried about streaking and applying it properly, the gradual fake tan is the fool-proof glow giver that you need.

The power is in the prep

We understand that the fear for most of our pale-skinned tan fans is that the after bronze will look unnatural and orange. Whilst evaluating your skin tone is a great way of making sure you pick the best tint; your second focus must be on prepping your skin. When your skin is perfectly prepped your risk of an orange, streaky tan is dramatically decreased.

1. Exfoliate 

If there was ever one piece of advice, we could give for getting a streak-free, natural-looking glow it’s this: Do not underestimate the power of a good exfoliation before applying your fake tan. Skin will instantly look brighter, take to the tan better and will mean your tan fades beautifully. If you suffer from dry and sensitive skin too, opt for a scrub that doesn’t have harsh beads in it and instead use a gentle scrub that will exfoliate your top layer without causing irritation.

2. Use a Barrier Cream 

Does your fake tan cling to certain areas of your body? Ankles, wrists, feet perhaps? You’re not alone, and when you have pale skin these stubborn areas on the body can be real tell-tale signs of a faux glow. Never fear, a Barrier Cream is all you need. This product has a permanent place in any professional tanner’s kit and should also have a solid place in yours. Apply a pea-sized amount to the places that collect the tan and the nourishing blend will create a film over the skin which will prevent any tan from collecting and causing any potential streaking.

3. Remove Lingering Lotions & Deodorants

You don’t want any leftover lotions and deodorants disrupting your newly found perfect fake tan for pale skin! Make sure you take a shower in lukewarm water to remove any lingering products that could still be sitting on the skin before you apply your fake tan. You’ll thank us later!

You’ll no doubt have your approach to fake tan for pale skin nailed after reading this. If you suffer from sensitive skin too, you’ll want to have a read of our Guide to Fake Tan for Sensitive Skin for all the tips you need. For taking your bronzed glow to that next level, have a read of our Top Tips on Self-Tanning like a Pro

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