For those that read this and are blessed with natural olive skin, you might be wondering where you fall on the fake tan scale. Typically, you may not feel as though you’d benefit from fake tan, but thanks to our gorgeous face mist and body mousses that include illuminators, it’ll help to brighten your skin and add radiance like nothing else.

Also helping to liven up ashy coloured skin, our products will give your skin a deep radiant glow that only improves your already gorgeous skin. With our products it’s not about darkening your natural colour, but instead it’s all about brightening your skin and boosting its natural beauty.

At Amanda Harrington London we’re here to get you ready for those summer months ahead, no matter your skin tone. We don’t just want to give you a beautiful natural tan, but we want to look after your skin too! That’s why you’ll find our three-step process involves lots of love and attention given to your skin before, during and after application

We want you to feel as stunning as you look all year round, so why wait any longer to get a dream tan?

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