Our Face Set has received an incredible reception over the past 6 months. From Black Friday ‘me to me’ gifts, to acting as the perfect gift for your mum at Christmas, to being the driving force behind our first ever TV appearance on This Morning. This trio of dreams has revolutionised a lot of your tanning regimes and makeup bags already, which means that stock is flying off the shelves! Nonetheless, as a small brand we are feeling positively overwhelmed with the love and interest in our brand and want to do everything we can to prevent any kind of delay in you experiencing Amanda’s globally renowned 3-Step Tanning Method, therefore say hello to…

The Buff & Bronze Edit

This exclusive online edit combines our OG’s of the Face Set, the Pre-Colour Face Primer and Illuminating Face Mist, but is then joined by our underrated yet powerful Face Buffer Brush. The art of looking well is very much still achievable with this new trio that will blend and buff colour into your skin for an even skin tone with a radiant, contoured finish.


Whilst almost identical to the Face Set, there are a few different techniques that you will need to add to your list of professional tanning traits with the addition of this new brush.

  • Apply 2-3 pumps of the Pre-Colour Primer. This Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid based gradual tan primer can be massaged into the face and neck to create the ultimate base, ready for colour application. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.
  • Pop on your protective black latex gloves provided in your Face Mist to protect your hands from any escaping mist.
  • Spray a couple of light spritzes of the Face Mist onto the face, and then in circular motions, blend in the colour with your Face Buffer Brush for an even, flawless finish.
  • For extra definition, apply 1 direct spritz onto the Buffer Brush, tap the brush on the glove to spread excess Face mist and then blend (tap, tap and sweep!) onto your face where you want to add strength and contour.
  • Use 1 spritz per part of your face you want to define, i.e. A strong cheekbone or a sharp jaw line.
  • Be sure to blend the colour down your neck and don’t forget your ears and eye sockets!

Cheerio heavy, pore-clogging foundation every day, we’re all about the Face Mist and a boosted skin glow being all you need here at Amanda Harrington London.

Shop the edit now, available ONLY online at amandaharrington.com

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