The day has come for long-anticipated new arrival...introducing The Jet Set Duo.  The Jet Set Duo is the perfect makeup-free makeup duo for spring/summer, designed to fit perfectly in your handbag, glove compartment, suitcase or carry-on luggage.
The Jet Set Duo includes our award-winning Illuminating Face Mist, now in a portable and practical 35ml size, with an easy-application Vegan Kabuki Brush.  Available now in our best-selling shade Natural Honey, with Natural Rose and Natural Olive in stock soon. 

Amanda says: "I can't wait to get back out into the world this spring and summer, and the Jet Set Duo's skin-first formula and natural glow give you the confidence you need to step out without the heavy foundation and bulky makeup bag. I keep mine in my glove compartment for quick, easy top-ups.

The Face Mist has beautiful light-reflecting illuminators and a semi-permanent bronze finish to give you the confidence to go foundation-free. It’s also the perfect duo for those new to – or apprehensive about – sunless tanning, thanks to its 35ml, ‘discovery’ size.

The soft, Vegan Kabuki Brush is ideal for applying extra colour to areas of the face and neck. Its synthetic fibres help create a sun-kissed glow when you’re on the move, and its shape is designed for total control – making tanning fool proof. 

Apply the Tanning Glove included in the duo and lightly spray Illuminating Face Mist onto your Kabuki Brush. Dab excess onto glove and buff and blend colour in circular motions across the face, around the jaw, down the neck and across the décolletage. Apply one or two sprays, layering for a deeper colour as desired. The formula provides immediate colour and radiance, with its light reflecting properties, acting like a semi-permanent bronzer, evening skin tone and replacing the need for multiple make up bag staples.

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