Do you lust after a natural looking tan that will bring your skin to life? Radiant skin is in and bringing life to our limbs is at the top of our priority list. Our one-of-a-kind Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse contains some of the most luxurious ingredients on the market. It is the one product you need in your tanning regime to ensure glowing and enviable skin.

The Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse is as light as a soufflé and super blend-able. Applying the tan is, therefore, fast and easy. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients and illuminating light reflectors, your skin is always looking its best, as a result.

There are 3 skin tone shades available – Natural Rose, Natural Honey and Natural Olive. Each designed to mimic the colour you naturally go in the sun. Some of the luxury ingredients include: Green tea extract, CQ10 and hyaluronic acid.

Layer, blend and buff our Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse onto the skin for a natural, long-lasting bronzed glow. It immediately colours and develops subtly over 6 hours. In other words, you can apply in the morning for immediate radiance during the day.

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