Natural Honeys, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Our Bronzing Body Mousse and Illuminating Face Mist in our warmer shade is back in stock! Is that singing of joy we hear?

At a time where we may not be able to step outside and feel the warmth on our face, bring the sun inside with our heavenly honey shade. It gives the skin an instant radiance and lifted finish that makes you look like you’ve been sipping on rosé in Provence, or enjoying a multiple hour tapas luncheon down Las Ramblas in Barcelona. We can still dream can’t we?

Amanda created Natural Honey as the shade that compliments warmer complexions and elevates peachy and yellow undertones. This golden tone mimics the look of a Californian glow and is also perfect for those who have a sallow/ashen undertone that want to add a touch of warmth and life back into the limbs!

Are you a part of the colourful Natural Honey world? Meet some of the other members of this golden club.


Sahra, Designer at AHL Jennifer Aniston Nicole Scherzinger
Frankie Noone
Millie Mackintosh Liam Hemsworth


Does this golden hue sound heavenly to you? Here are the characteristics of those who would perfectly suit this warmer shade.

  • A warm undertone – yellow, peachy or golden.
  • Fairer during the winter and warmer looking during the summer.
  • Freckles may appear on your skin after spells of sunshine.
  • Warmer undertones mean your veins can appear blue or slightly greenish.
  • You tend to tan easily, with a little burning if appropriate SPF is not applied.

If you’re looking for a truly natural-looking bronzed finish that can be used as a replacement for foundation as we head into these warmer summer months, you’ve met your match.

Before and After using the NATURAL HONEY FACE MIST


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