We’ve been very busy here at Amanda Harrington London HQ since our launch 9 months ago. After years and years of developing a range that is nothing short of perfect, we had our fingers crossed for some recognition in the 2019/2020 industry awards, however we didn’t expect 4 of the products to have already had the red carpet laid out in front them. In our eyes, our whole range is award-winning with makeup artists to celebrities to full time mum’s loving the line, but for now we will simply bask in the glory of a quarter of our body care range being awarded for being the best in the business.

So, without further ado, we are proud to introduce our award-winning products (no paps please).

New Skin Face Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads – Best Self Tan Remover (Beauty Bible Awards 2020)

These re-texturizing, brightening and hydrating facial pads are made from biodegradable cotton that promotes rapid exfoliation to create the perfect cleansed canvas.

  • Made from biodegradable cotton
  • Vegan friendly
  • Can be used as a tan eraser to lift any unwanted tan
Why Amanda Loves It

“These facial pads are at the top of my list for many reasons: The insanely good smell, the larger size which easily does your face and neck so you use less, how effective they are in priming the skin for pre tan or make-up, and how fresh they feel instead of tingly which I do not like.”

Why You Love It

 “This is a great multi-purpose product that I will absolutely re-purchase as it really works. It claims to: ‘re-texturize, brighten, and hydrate with exfoliating properties that can also be used as a self-tan eraser’. It was amazing as a self-tan remover and definitely did exfoliate and brighten skin too”

Why Industry Experts Love It

“They feel amazing, my skin is not really feeling tingly, but can I just say they smell like the sexiest masculine scent you’ve ever had. Big, big excitement over these." Rebecca Hull, SheerLuxe’s Heath & Beauty Editor

Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse – Best Self-Tanner For The Body (woman&home Beauty Awards 2019)

This non-drip, super-blendable soufflé formula. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to deeply hydrate, CQ10 to firm and lift plus a boost of Green Tea extract to awaken and revive tired looking skin. The Bronzing Mousse gives an instant glow that develops into a lasting colour.

  • Provides the ultimate hydrated and bronzed skin finish
  • Contains light-reflecting illuminators for immediate radiance and instant enviable skin
  • Comes with protective application gloves so your tanning mitt can be binned
Why Amanda Loves It

“It glides on like a soft light soufflé and doesn’t drip – it also melts into the skin with ease and dries within minutes, so you can dress almost immediately, what is not to love! Even with one light layer you get that hydrated glow!”

Why You Love It

“This is the only tan I’ve used that doesn’t dry my skin out. I was used to my skin feeling taut and uncomfortable post application and the Amanda Harrington tan revolutionised that for me, it also gives the most flawless, natural-looking colour.”

Why Industry Experts Love It

“It’s easy, natural looking and works on skin tones rather than just depths of tan”. Caroline Barnes

New Skin Body Advanced Glycolic Body Scrub – Commended Best Bath & Shower Product (Get The Gloss Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019)

This exfoliating and perfecting scrub contains biodegradable castor beads to create a smooth canvas for a natural glow, and perfectly prep your skin ready for tan application.

  • Glycolic and fruit acids refine and polish the skin ensuring rapid exfoliation
  • Aloe Vera refreshes and soothes skin
  • Vegan friendly
Why Amanda Loves It

“It’s the most effective non-messy scrub I could make with the softest skin you could experience post shower. It’s a game changer.”

Why You Love It

“This body scrub is the only scrub that includes acid and still makes my skin feel so smooth. I also love the fact that the beads are biodegradable, sustainable beauty is so important to me.”

Why Industry Experts Love It

“This body scrub is on a different level. Even if you have no intention of tanning, if you have dull and lacklustre skin, this is a must. Unlike most scrubs, the formulation includes glycolic and fruit acids that nibble away at your dead skin to reveal its fresher, less comatose sibling.” Funmi Fetto, Vogue Contributing Editor

Illuminating Bronzing Face Mist – Silver Award Best Self-Tan Face (Beauty Bible Awards 2020)

This lightweight mist combines a super-blendable liquid formula and an ultrafine atomizer, allowing for fool proof blending. Infused with anti-ageing Collagen to promote skin elasticity and CQ10 to firm, lift and give antioxidant protection.

  • Hyaluronic Acid plus vitamins A and E maintains vital moisture levels
  • Light reflecting illuminators deliver immediate radiance
  • Acts like a semi-permanent bronzer, evening out and reducing need for makeup
Why Amanda Loves It

“The Face Mist gives the most natural looking, radiant finish on the skin minimising any need for makeup. Stripped back skin is my favourite so a light bronzing and contour with a lick of mascara and brush through the brows and you’re done!”

Why You Love It

“Loved this product, which says it acts like a semi-permanent bronzer, evening out and reducing the need for make-up. It gives a great look and natural finish. I felt my skin looked good and did not feel the need to wear make-up.”

Why Industry Experts Love It

“I do my face most mornings now and it’s properly addictive because – on those days when your face and body just aren’t working – this stuff is a powerful ally.” Annabel Rivkin, Evening Standard

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