It is time to say goodbye to orange palms and streaking legs. Getting your pro faux glow has never been so easy with these invaluable tips from the professional tanning artists themselves.

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1. Use a Tanning Brush

At the core of Amanda’s 3 Step Tanning Technique, Tanning Brushes have always been her go-to tools for professional fake tanning. The brushes have been designed with the curves of the body in mind and effortlessly glide tan onto the skin for a streak-free, flawless finish. By buffing fake tan into your skin, you are instantly minimising risks of streaking and or patching. They are also incredibly easy to use, which means getting your perfectly bronzed self-tan at home is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Hydrate Dry Skin

The biggest mistake people make when self-tanning at home is applying fake tan mousse to skin that’s dehydrated and not prepped properly. You wouldn’t apply makeup to an uncleansed, dehydrated face, so why would you apply the tan in that way to your body? Amanda’s professional fake tan team believe in one thing, layering. Starting with a deeply hydrating ‘Barrier Cream’ apply this to parts of your body which are notoriously dry, think elbows, ankle, knees. Then prime the skin, ready for applying fake tan. Not only does priming your skin make it soft and supple, but also, if done with the right products, it will extend the life of your glow. Now it’s time to apply the tan. If you aren’t doing those first few steps, you are strongly increasing the risk of streaking!

3. Remove Unwanted Hair 24 Hours Before

Hate that speckled finish that you often see on your legs when you wash off your guide colour? That has probably happened because you have applied fake tan too soon after removing unwanted hair and the follicles are still open. Our Head Tanning Artist, Kelly, explains that whenever she is doing a professional tanning appointment, she will always ask her clients to remove any unwanted hair 24 hours before she arrives. If her clients are opting for salon services* over at-home hair removal, she would recommend 36 hours. This is so the hair follicle has time to close back up again and not risk fake tan sitting in the open follicle!

 *Fake tan should not be used while undergoing laser hair removal.

4. Wash Off Any Leftover Deodorant or Body Lotion

Are you finding that you’re getting those funny patches around your armpits when you apply fake tan at home? It may be that you haven’t removed remanence of the day’s deodorant or body lotion. For a professional-looking faux glow, ensure that you shower down with lukewarm water prior to applying your fake tan. Top Tip: Make sure the water is not too hot, otherwise you risk your pores opening and the tan then sitting in these open pores meaning that dreaded speckled effect!

5. Use AHA’s to Lift Unwanted Fake Tan

Using AHA’s as a fake tan eraser is probably the best professional fake tan tip in the book. If you find you’ve got collected tan on your palms, soles of the feet, or perhaps its has gathered around your ankles or wrists, take a facial wipe that is infused with Glycolic Acid and gently wipe it over the collected tan. Then watch that unwanted tan lift! AHA’s cause tans natural ingredient DHA to separate and lift from the skin, therefore our professional fake tanners love how these facial wipes (biodegradable of course) can be used in such dynamic ways to create the perfect at home tan.

The first step in achieving an A-lister worthy glow is all in the tanning tools. Be sure to ‘brush’ up on your knowledge and be prepared to throw away your tanning mitt! For more professional tanning tips follow Amanda Harrington London on Instagram.

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