If you have fair skin, baking in the sun is an absolutely no go. You will burn incredibly fast, so skin safety is incredibly important. That doesn’t mean paler skin tones cannot achieve an enviable sun-kissed glow. They just have to do it in a sensible way, with self tan.

Self tan is now a staple product in any beauty line-up (and used by all skin tones). Nowadays we are all far more educated on the dangers of skin damage by the sun and how to protect our skin, with self tan one can faux a glow safely.

The Perfect Pale Tone

Gone are the days of one shade suits all. Self tan has been elevated to be personable – with custom-created tan ‘undertones’ developed over many years to enhance your natural colouring. Natural Rose is the perfect tone for paler skin. Our self tan is enriched with pinker hues to really compliment porcelain complexions, meaning no more flat colour. Our self tan is available in 3 tones; Natural Rose, Natural Honey and Natural Olive.

The key to a natural, realistic glow is about building up colour layer by layer. When looking for a self tan for pale skin, it is also important that the self tan nourishes your skin. Nourished skin glows better, which is why our Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse and Face Mist contain Collagen and CQ10.

Collagen is a component that helps to repair the tissue of the body. Using collagen in self tan and introducing it to the body in a synthetic way, helps promote healing of the skin and can give a healthier look. CQ10 helps to boost cell renewal, so when these two key ingredients work together they give you fantastic and immediate results. They also help to improve the condition your skin going forwards!

f you need further help determining your skin tone you can find our Skin Tone Guide here.

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