Amanda's renowned reputation amongst A-listers from London to LA was built around her cult Contouring Technique. This brush-on contouring tan service became a must-have for celebs before any event and was achieved using Amanda's unique tanning brushes and sunless tan to sculpt and contour the face and body, tantouring!

One of the hottest topics in beauty at the moment is ‘tantouring’ the face. Tantouring minimises any need for makeup and gives you chiselled cheekbones and an enviable jaw line in 2 minutes flat. When it comes to creating a glow that also offers structure and angles to the face, tantouring is the best technique.

Whether you’re a self tanning novice, or a seasoned professional, tantouring is a relatively new concept and can confuse even the most comfortable tanners. To help you get tantouring down to a t, we’ve compiled the ultimate tantouring guide.

What is tantouring?

Tantouring is one of the most popular beauty trends of the moment - but what is it?

If you’ve not heard of it before, you’ve probably already guessed what tantouring is. Combining two of the most popular beauty trends, tantouring is a combination of contouring and tanning that leaves you with a natural looking glow while also highlighting and contouring the face.

Using self tanner, you apply the tanning product as you would a normal contour product - highlighting and defining parts of your face with a brush. Tantouring makes the results look more natural and lasts longer than traditional make up.

How do you contour your face with self tan?

Contouring your face with self tan is more simple than it sounds. You just need to follow a few steps that echo the three step tanning method.

Step One - Create a subtle base with a Gradual Tan. This will give you a soft glow which you can then add to with your bronzing tints.

Step Two - Use a Bronzing Mist all over for an immediate boost of colour and radiance.

Step Three: Use the Face Lifter Brush and a few spritz's of the bronzing mist to create definition and contour to your face. 

Where does self tanning contour go?

Now you have the basic steps under your belt, it’s time to understand exactly where to contour your face. If you’ve not contoured with makeup before, this process can seem a little strange, but trust the process.

When you contour your face, think about the places that naturally take to the sun more, that's where you will want to add this shadow and definition. With the Bronzing Mist and Face Lifter Brush combo you can create defined cheekbones, a strong jawline and a natural forehead tan.

When tantouring, the facial tan that you apply as part of step three, should go in the following places:

The sides of your nose

Gently brush either side of your nose with the tanning agent to create a slimline look. Dust a little bit of the mist over the tip of your nose too. You may need to use your finger to blend the tan in as the nose is such a petite area of the face. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Under your cheekbones

The cheekbones are essential to the structure of your face, and tantouring them adds definition. You can suck in your cheekbones to see where the tan should be applied and apply it in a 'tap, tap, sweep' motion (3 words we live by).

Under the jawline

Applying the tan on and under the jawline creates an illusion of a more defined jaw. To create definition on the jaw, sweep some tan across the jawline.

On the forehead

Applying tan to the temples on the forehead will add definition and create more curvature within the face. This can help make your face feel more proportioned and also draw attention to the centre of the face and the eyes.

Tantour like a professional

As a professional sunless tanning artist, Amanda has always worked with tan to contour and create a glowing complexion on her clients. With her award winning products, you can access the artisan products that are used by the professionals.

Discover more how to's and tips to help you achieve a gorgeous, glowing tan over on our how to's page. Plus, if you’re ready to create a perfect sun kissed contour on your face, take a look at one of our most popular products - The Face Set.
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