The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on (adieu to you, 2020) but are we all feeling Merry and Bright?

We’ve been busy packaging up the ultimate SOS Festive guide, to help combat the effects of stress, round-the-clock zooming and winter chills, ensuring you glow through Christmas with beautifully radiant confidence, both inside and out.

Curse #1 STRESS

A Christmas that is more ‘bubbles’ than ‘baubles’ has added to the normal overwhelm of Christmas prep. Wrapping up work and presents and virtually all online can feel like a lot. and our skin often acts as an alarm system,  often the first to show the signs of stress.

The Curse: Breakouts, Blotchiness, Dullness

New Skin Face | Amanda Harrington London

The Cure: New Skin Face, Advanced Glycolic Pads 

Amanda says: "It’s truly like pressing the ‘reset’ button. Light levels of Glycolic, Fruit Acids and Aloe Vera is a winning combination when it comes to softer feeling, renewed skin. The pads will gently cleanse and soothe pores leaving you with a radiant, even and merrily bright complexion."

Curse #2 SUGAR

From mince pies to mulled wine, decadent indulgence is always on the Carte du jour over Christmas. But an increase in Sugar is not particularly sweet for our complexions. One rather sour result is that it affects the structure and flexibility of proteins in our skin and the most vulnerable of these in the skin are collagen and elastin which are the ones needed for plump and firmness.

The Curse: Irritated Dry Skin, Lacklustre & Puffy

Perfect Face Gradual Tan Primer | Amanda Harrington London

The Cure: Perfect Face, Ultimate Gradual Tan Primer

Amanda Says: “Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid work together to plump and firm the skin, improving elasticity and hydration and replenishing crepey, thin-looking skin that starts too appear after too much sugar consumption. Meanwhile low-levels of DHA ensure a subtle, buildable boost of colour to help fight lacklustre, sugar infused skin."


Baby it’s cold outside, but inside the thermostat is working overtime. Add in those boiling hot showers we take to try and warm ourselves up, and our skin quickly shows the tell-tale results. Much like a cosy cashmere jumper, the right skincare can comfort and protect our complexions from the woes of winter weather.

The Curse: Dehydrated, Parched and Flaky Skin

Hydration Heroes | Amanda Harrington London

The Cure: Our Ultimate Hydration Heroes: Ultimate Face, Ultimate Body and Ultra Balm

Amanda Says: “There are a host of heavenly hydrating saviours across this trio of products. From Multi-Active Neodermyl® which triggers the skin to produce Collagen and Elastin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (which are exacerbated with a dry complexion), to Hyaluronic Acid and 3D Ultra-Filling Spheres to lock in moisture while lifting, tightening and firming the appearance of the skin. My secret tip for winter-worn skin? Make sure you apply your moisturisers immediately after bathing for extra absorption and dewiness."

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