Welcome 2021, a year of focusing on positivity, kindness and setting good intentions. After a year of turbulence and uncertainty, our Founder, Amanda wanted to share some words to celebrate our Roses, Honey and Olives and to let you know Amanda Harrington London's focus as we head into a new year. 

Wishing you all the very happiest of New Years – I think we’d agree it couldn’t be more welcome or have come a moment sooner!

The feeling of a fresh start is always so exciting; an opportunity to reset our minds and recharge our bodies, to learn something new, reassess our routines and make positive changes.

Approaching things in a different and innovative way is at the heart of everything at AHL, and never more so than when it comes to my approach to skin. So to start 2021, I thought it would be fun to share the innovation behind my techniques and products with you, hopefully helping you to see your skincare needs in a new (and glowing) light.

From unpacking my hero ingredients, to where and how the products should sit within your routine, to understanding your natural undertone, I hope to bring you a new education in self-care skincare and leave you armed with the most fool-proof formulas to achieve an all-year-round natural radiance, that in turn will help boost your inner and outer confidence.

What's To Come

Formula: From ingredients, to texture to fragrance, we’ll be unpacking the foundations of my formulas.

Facts: We’ll be addressing bronzing with skin concerns, how-to tutorials and the importance of application and technique.

Inspiration and Affirmations: I want to use this year to lift each other up, share good intentions and creative ideas.

I always want to hear yours so please do share with us using #amandaharringtonlondon

Stay tuned for that plus much, much more.
Much love, Amanda x 

Amanda testing products on windowsill

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