Over the past two decades, the world of self-tan has well and truly revolutionised. The 90’s was a time of tangoed torso’s and limbs that resembled a shade of burnt terracotta, however now if we take a look at the sunless tanning market, we are welcomed by a collection of wonderful brands promoting body confidence through natural looking shades and many different formulas. In a world full of different options, how do you choose? To make that decision a little easier for you, here’s why Amanda Harrington London is the smartest self-tan on the market.


One of the biggest bugbears of many is that they cannot go to bed after applying self-tan without waking up in the morning to a tangerine body outline imprinted onto one’s sheets. Frustrating, especially if you slept in your fresh set of White Company bed sheets the night before. Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to scrimping on your bed linen quality in order to have a bronzed, sunless glow, as our tanning brushes have been expertly created with that problem in mind. By buffing the self-tan into the skin, you are enabling the product to reach deeper levels of the skin’s epidermis, which reduces any product sitting topically on the skin (which is what tends to transfer). With no product sitting topically on the skin, you’re also drastically minimising that ‘tacky’ sensation that often ensues once you have applied self-tan. A win-win situation.

Created With A Unique AromaGuard To Minimise Odour

Alongside the orange hues, another common aftereffect of using self-tan has historically resembled a scent that is comparable to ‘stale biscuits’. Gone are the days of turning heads on the tube or being banished to an alternative bedroom because of the ‘stale biscuit’ like aroma that ensued. Amanda created our Illuminating Face Mist and Bronzing Body Mousse with a unique AromaGuard that covered this scent and enabled her to include a wonderfully gentle and relaxing scent that would simply erase any memory of small baked goods sitting topically on your skin.

Alcohol Free

We could write a whole journal entry on why this is such an important part of our self-tan’s formulation, but for the time being, here’s a quick low down. Alcohol in self-tan is bad in many ways; it dries the skin out, can cause the skin to feel itchy and irritated, impacts the longevity of the colour and can cause it to fade unevenly. The key to a truly beautiful, natural looking tan is all in the hydration of the skin. You wouldn’t apply makeup to a dehydrated face, so why would you do the same with sunless tan? This is why we have jam packed our tanning tints with Hyaluronic AcidAloe Vera and CQ10 to deeply hydrate, firm and reawaken the skin.

Works With Your Skin’s Natural Tones

Oh how easy it would be to create a tanning range which consisted of 3 shades; light, medium and dark. If Amanda had followed that route, she could have very easily cut her production time in half and we would be sitting here 2-3 years into the AHL journey. Alas, with perfection comes a lot of time and rounds of formulations to create an incomparable blend. It was time to say goodbye to the terracotta and tangerine tints that were gracing the beauty scene, which is why Amanda included colours like lilac, apricot and olive at the base of each shade to truly reflect the skins’ natural undertones and bring our limbs to life. If you need assistance with picking your skin tone, you can find everything you need to know here.

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