Since sunless tanning was introduced into our regular beauty regimes, we have always reached out to tanning mitts or gloves in order to protect the palms of our hands from going a bright shade of orange. Tanning mitts and gloves have their advantages, however, whether you are an avid sunless tanner or only do it in the summer months, we can all agree getting a streak-free finish can be difficult. Why should we have to risk having streaky hands and feet at the expense of a glowing sunless tan? With the Amanda Harrington London Tanning Brushes, you won’t have to. 

Why brushes? Amanda started buffing and blending tan into her clients around 10 years ago and has never looked back. Amanda preferred to be able to brush, buff and stipple tan directly onto the skin allowing her to add extra definition to the bone structure and muscle definition on a body. Through years of training in Makeup & Body Painting, but most importantly, by using her expert eye, Amanda has created a technique that lifts, awakens and defines the body, done only by brush.

A brush application lies at the core of Amanda’s 3 Step Tanning Method and the flawless, natural-looking finish that people love the tan for, can only be achieved when the colour is applied by brush. With tanning brush application, the product reaches a deeper level of the skin’s epidermis which is why the tan is so natural and long-lasting. This combined with a perfectly prepped canvas and our illuminating colour range ensures a glowing, fresh and radiant form.

Here at Amanda Harrington London, we understand that applying tan with a completely new tool may be a little daunting. We rave on about this amazing technique that Amanda has created but how do you, the user of the brush, apply this to your weekly tan top-up? Don’t worry, we have put together a collection of How To video’s that have Amanda herself explaining this technique down to the very last detail here.

These expertly designed brushes are super soft with hard-wearing hair that can be used with multiple textured products, including cream, mousses and powders. Like makeup brushes, your tanning brushes are completely washable and crucially, long-lasting, because once you try brushable tanning, you are never going back.

The Big Body Brush

This ‘curve-compatible’ tool works beautifully with the natural curves of the body, brushing and buffing your tan into the skin. Perfect for providing that all over streak-free finish.

The Small Body Brush

This ‘curve-compatible’ tool works beautifully with the natural curves of the body. Giving extra control for tanning and defining more troublesome areas such as hands, feet, neck and elbows.

The Face Lifter

This soft angled face brush is the perfect tool for creating a bronzed base and adding extra shade and contour for semi-permanent bronzer.

The Face Buffer

This soft Kabuki brush is ideal for applying extra colour to areas of the face and neck giving a sun-kissed glow.  

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