“When it comes to those in-between weather days, think t-shirt and a light jacket, the ‘T-Shirt Tan’ is the answer. It is quicker than going for head-to-toe colour and makes so much more sense if the weather is changeable. Plus, it ensures my face matches my body, giving me a gorgeously even, all-over glow. I am a big advocate for wearing less makeup and letting your skin shine through, which is another reason I love this method. Layering a hyaluronic-based gradual tan with a lightweight face mist over the top creates a semi-permanent and natural looking bronzed glow that lets your skin do the talking.”


◆ The perfect tan starts with a perfect canvas, and glycolic acid-based prep products give optimum exfoliation for a longer lasting, flawless tan.

New Skin Body is an advanced glycolic acid scrub; use it into the shower for an effective way to lift dead skin cells, paying special attention to those notoriously stubborn areas around your elbows, wrists and knuckles.

◆ Prep your face in the same way, wiping over your face and neck with our New Skin Face advanced glycolic facial pads, to refresh and refine your skin. We recommend this step in the evening to give your skin a little time to renew before you head out and always apply SPF each morning.

◆ Next, apply our Perfect Body ultimate gradual tan to your upper body, in the same way you would a body lotion. As well as giving you a light, all-over glow, it boosts hydration and will prolong the life of your tan.

◆ Finally, take 3-4 pumps of our Perfect Face ultimate gradual tan and massage into your face and neck. It is age defying, hydrating and tan extending.


Top tip: To achieve a contoured, sculpted, lifted look, add extra definition by stippling more Face Mist under your collarbones and across the top of the cheekbones gliding up towards the top of your ear. Blend into your temples and hairline for a seamless look, and repeat under your jaw, as well as down the sides of your nose.

◆ Apply the Tanning Gloves from your Body Mousse box and pump 1-2 small pumps of the mousse into your hands, before working into each arm using a light touch. Massage the product into your skin, like a body lotion; the whipped, soufflé-like texture melts into the skin easily. Turn your arm frequently to check you have not missed a bit. The Perfect Body gradual tan base plus brush application combination makes streaks virtually impossible.

◆ Pump more Body Mousse into your hand and work into your chest.

Top tip: I like to give myself, and my clients, a slightly darker chest – it mimics how we naturally tan.

◆ For a flawless, foolproof finish, take off your gloves and pump a little more mousse onto our signature Big Body Brush. Starting at the forearms, work the brush in small circles down to your hands, blending and buffing as you go.

Top tip: Pay special attention to between your fingers and around your wrists, to ensure an even finish. If you struggle, try making a claw with your hand.

◆ For a bronzed face, take the Face Lifter Brush and, holding it 10cm from the bottle, spritz with one pump of our Face Mist. Starting at the cheekbone, use circular motions to buff the mist onto the first half of your face. With one more spritz, repeat to colour the second half of your face and always bring the product down to your chest, round to the back of your neck and behind your ears. Our mists and mousses are blendable and buildable, so keep going until you have achieved your desired colour. Our lightweight formula means it will not feel heavy on the skin, unlike wearing a full coverage foundation would.

Top tip: Men should instead shade all the way around the outer edge of their face – a slightly different contouring technique. 


◆ To prevent your t-shirt tan from fading quickly, keep your showers tepid and pat yourself dry with a lightweight towel to avoid rubbing at your newly tanned skin.

◆ My number one tip for extending your tan is hydration. When your skin is hydrated, your sunless tan will look more radiant and fade more slowly and evenly.

Top tip: Oil breaks down tan, so opt for a hyaluronic acid-based daily body moisturiser like Ultimate Body. Avoid retinol or any enzymatic skincare products, as these can accelerate the fade time of your tan.

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