Introducing Amanda Harrington

Amanda started her career as a Makeup and Body Artist, sculpting and transforming bodies by painting and contouring on film sets and editorial shoots. After 15 years of tanning experience and executing over 10,000 tans, Amanda has launched her much-anticipated first product line.


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About Amanda

Amanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected and innovative sunless tanning experts whose personalised and modern approach to tanning has earned her a cult following and an A-list client roster of Hollywood’s and London’s elite. As a trained body artist, Amanda has always been obsessed by the natural form of the human body; this led her to pursue a degree in makeup and body painting at the London College of Fashion. After graduating, Amanda developed The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington™ a completely customisable method of bronzing the face and body with a colour that is personalised to individual skin tones and applied with luxurious tanning brushes to achieve a flawless tan. The result is a natural, sculpting and long-lasting finish to the skin, transforming the face and body to its most beautiful. Amanda’s skills and expertise as a body artist took her all over the world, touring with bands like The Rolling Stones and working on film sets, including Tomb Raider. From years of working on editorial shoots and exclusive film sets, she noticed the difficulty within the industry in finding a beauty-focused agency where highly qualified, trustworthy artists could be sourced. She subsequently put together the ever-growing team of creatives that now forms InParlour. InParlour is the only beauty concierge service to offer ‘Bespoke Body Contouring’, the luxury tanning treatment where clients get to experience the renowned Amanda Harrington Technique® by the expertly trained tan team that Amanda has created.

My whole belief is that when your skin looks beautiful, your tan will too. Prepare it like you would any canvas and prime it well for the perfect application of colour


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Amanda Harrington London

Amanda Harrington London is the product of years of creation, experimentation and innovation by Amanda. When Amanda was working on providing a sunless tanning service for her clients with InParlour, she found it difficult to achieve the result she desired with precision and control from traditional spray tan methods. This is when Amanda began mixing her own bespoke tints and creams for her clients and applying them with her favourite and preferred tool: brushes.
By using brushes, Amanda was able to blend, layer and buff tan onto the skin, enhancing the bone structure for a contoured, streak-free finish. The result of this labour of love was the creation of The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington™. Amanda became one of the industry’s leading innovative sunless tanning experts with her ability to transform and sculpt the body. The innovative Amanda Harrington Technique® is a completely customisable, product layering method of tanning with unique application – by brush. Now, after 10 years of research and development, Amanda has launched her first range of sunless tanning products, tan-compatible skincare and tanning brushes. Follow Amanda’s revolutionary 3-Step Tanning Method to Prep, Colour and Contour your face and body to achieve a longer-lasting, natural looking tan at home..
Skin Care

Caring for your skin

At Amanda Harrington London lies a belief that, as the largest organ in our bodies, our skin should always be protected . Growing up with exposure to the serious implications that extreme sun damage can cause, Amanda has always striven to create a community where safe, sunless tanning is chosen over natural colouration of the skin. Here at Amanda Harrington London, we have created a tanning range which offers the same, natural tan that one can get on holiday, but safely. Our focus is on our customers achieving a healthy, natural glow that is not at the expense of their health. 85% of people in Britain have admitted to getting sun burnt three or more times in their lifetime (British Skin Foundation, 2019), and experiencing severe sunburn from adolescence onward can increase the risk of developing skin cancer in later adult life. We believe that this needs to change, therefore we are very proud to be strong supporters of the British Skin Foundation, and aim to support this powerful cause in all aspects of Amanda Harrington London to work towards a global awareness of skin conditions and diseases.