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The days of a flat, lifeless unnatural colour on your skin are well and truly over. Say hello to a natural, contoured glow with our illuminating sunless-tanning range by Amanda Harrington London.

Enrich your skin and enhance your natural colouring with our custom-created ‘tan undertones’ available in 3 expertly crafted tones; Natural Rose, Natural Honey and Natural Olive.

The range is full of skin-loving ingredients – Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, CQ10, Aloe Vera and light reflecting illuminators. All help to enhance your natural skin tone to create a believable, natural looking tan.

The ‘3-Step Method’

Follow Amanda’s revolutionary 3-Step Method to ensure you Prep, Colour and Contour your face and your body. By using super-hydrating products you can effortlessly attain your most believable colour yet.

Step 1- Prep. Exfoliate and remove any unwanted hair 24 hours before. In other words, prep your canvas. Now your skin is ready, . To ensure you create the perfect base for your tan, use our Pre-Colour Primer.

Rub in circular motions onto your face and body to smooth and hydrate your skin. Our Pre-Colour Primer contains a low-level tanning agent meaning you can build colour subtly using it.

The primer helps to create a base layer for your tan. The primer contains Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid – both help to plump your skin.

Amanda Harrington prime

Step 2 – Colour. After prepping and priming your skin, it is time to pick your skin tone using our guide above.

Our Illuminating Bronzing Face Mist and Body Mousse contain light reflecting illuminators which immediately add radiance. The mousse and mist contain vitamins A & E which maintain vital moisture levels. And, a boost of green tea extract helps to awaken tired skin.

Apply evenly onto the face and body for an instant all-over glow. After that, sculpt and define areas of the body and face following Amanda’s last step…

Amanda Harrington colour

Step 3 – Contour. By using our specialist tanning brushes created by Amanda, you will be able to apply tan evenly and with precision. Use our tanning brushes to buff and blend the tan into your face and body. The result is streak-free and flawless.

Amanda Harrington Step 3
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