Naturally Sun-Kissed Gradual Tan

Naturally Sun-Kissed Gradual Tan

There are days when sometimes you feel a little pale and crave a subtle sun-kissed flow. We have your hero product waiting because gradual tan is the genius and easy solution.

Our Pre-Colour Primer for The Face and The Body is the perfect alternative to a tan mousse or lotion. The Pre-Colour Primer contains a lot of skin-loving ingredients that help nourish skin and ensure your tan lasts longer, looks unbelievably natural and fades better.

Our naturally sun-kissed gradual tan is a super light-weight formula. The formula contains a mix of low-level tanning agents and skin-improving actives. These work together to gradually build colour and keep skin flawless. Gradual tan has dual purpose – first, it builds a subtle base colour evenly whilst moisturising skin. And second, it tops up your existing tan to ensure it lasts longer.

Amanda Harrington Pre Colour Face Primer
Amanda Harrington London – Pre-Colour Primer: FACE
Amanda Harrington Pre Colour Body Primer
Amanda Harrington London – Pre-Colour Primer: BODY

Key ingredients in our Amanda Harrington London gradual tan are Hyaluronic acid – which promotes skin renewal and maintains vital moisture levels, Vitamins A & E to plump and firm skin, and an infusion of Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil calm and sooth your skin’s surface.

Your skin will look radiant and hydrated wearing our Amanda Harrington London gradual tan.

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