The essential first step for smooth, tan-ready skin, so that your tan lasts longer, looks polished & fades beautifully. Your Pre-Colour Primer for face and body not only contains a low-level tanning agent to create the perfect base for your sunless tan but is also infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and add moisture. To maintain your sun-kissed glow for as long as possible, your primer should be applied daily.


The Illuminating Face Mist and Bronzing Body Mousse have been created in 3 skin tones, Natural Rose, Natural Honey and Natural Olive. The Illuminating Face Mist contains collagen and CQ10 to rejuvenate the skin and light reflecting illuminators to create immediate radiance. The blendable Bronzing Mousse contains light reflecting illuminators for immediate radiance, and Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to deeply moisturise the skin.


This final step is what sets Amanda’s technique apart from any other tan: brush, buff and blend your colour for the ultimate seamless, streak-free, and defined finish. Using curve-compatible brushes that shape naturally to the contours of the body, pushing the product further into the epidermis, the result is a tan that lasts longer and fades naturally.

What you’ll need

  • The Face Set

    The 3 Step Tanning Method

    £ 65.00
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  • The Body Set

    The 3 Step Tanning Method

    £ 85.00
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  • The Big Body Brush

    Brush & Buff

    £ 55.00
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  • The Face Lifter Brush

    Top up & Tone

    £ 45.00
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  • Pre-Colour Body Primer

    Collagen Infused Perfecting Primer

    £ 22.00
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  • Pre-Colour Face Primer

    Illuminating, Perfecting and Hydrating

    £ 18.00
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  • Body Mousse

    Illuminating Bronzing Mousse

    £ 36.00
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  • Face Mist

    Illuminating Bronzing Mist

    £ 28.00
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