Natural Looking Tanning

Get a natural looking tan and nurture your skin during this time of year


Our skin is at its most fragile at this time of year when we combine external weather conditions and dry heat from being inside. If you want to ensure you are looking after your skin and still sporting a natural looking tan, Amanda Harrington is here for you.


All our products are designed to bring out your natural glow, and this time of year we appreciate that you’ll want to be extra kind to your skin. With the following tips, you’ll be able to achieve all this and much more.


Prep your skin


Dry, flaky skin is incredibly common at this time of year, but our Advanced Glycolic Body Scrub can repair and nourish your skin.


Create the perfect canvas


Use our Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads three times a week to keep cell turnover high and ensure the skin is open for hydration to penetrate to a deeper level.


Layer it up


Moisturise with the Ultimate Body Miracle Moisture Cream and then use a second layer of Ultimate Gradual Tan for a hydrating, natural tan. For the face, make sure to use the Ultimate Face Miracle Moisture Cream and then the Perfect Face Ultimate Gradual Tan.


Don’t forget the hands!


Our hands often feel the brunt of this time of year; so make sure to pop our Ultra Balm Universal Rescue Cream in your bag for when you’re on the go.

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