How to choose self tan that suits your skin tone

Natural Olive


If you are a Natural Olive you will have a darker skin tone – typically Mediterranean. In summer your skin can have a slight green shade to it, in winter, your skin could appear ashen or grey. Your dark skin will show your veins as greenish in colour.


As a Natural Olive you will tan very easily and will rarely burn. Your tan lasts a lot longer and can be a delicious natural olive green tone, with some reddish undertones.


Are you a Natural Olive?

Amanda created Olive to elevate yellow, green or golden undertones which can at times appear sallow and need a lift back to life! Natural Olive is also perfect for anyone with darker skin who would like to enhance and even out their skin tone to a luminous, healthy looking colour. It blends so beautifully due to the lack of ‘red tones’ in the tints.

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