Portrait of a Natural Rose Lady
Portrait of a Natural Rose Lady
Portrait of a Natural Rose Lady

Natural Rose


As a Natural Rose, you will have fair skin with a cool undertone – rose pink or bluish. You may have freckles and in the heat, your face can flush. Bruises, marks and scars tend to show up easily. Cooler undertones mean that your veins may appear bluish or slightly purple in colour.


As a Natural Rose you will burn your skin easily and it’ll turn pink before gradually taking its time to tan. A high SPF is a necessity with freckles or discolouration appearing after long spells in hot sunshine.


Are you a Natural Rose?

Amanda created Natural Rose to suit a fairer skin tone. Most tans on the market look either yellow, sallow or very red on paler skin tones. Therefore we mixed violet into an ashier based tan tone, to suit the cooler complexion and give you a colour lift that actually compliments your undertones.

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