Self Tan Drops

Try our self tan drops for a natural glow


Want to achieve an easy fake tan in the comfort of your own home? Perhaps you’ve used our products in the past and want to see what’s new?


At Amanda Harrington we are proud to introduce the new Tonal Tan Drops for face and body


Combining the latest cosmeceutical technology with Amanda Harrington London’s tailor-made tints, this vegan tanning serum works with your personal undertones to give you a natural, long lasting glow.


Designed to be used alone or to added to your skin and body care cream, you can give yourself an instant colour that lasts with just a few drops.


How to use our self-tan drops


  1. Shake bottle gently before use.
  1. Add 3-5 drops for face or 5-8 for body tonal tan, to your preferred moisturiser or SPF depending on the depth of tan desired
  1. Apply evenly to the face and body, wash hands thoroughly after use or use AH vinyl gloves
  1. Alternatively, apply to the cheekbones and high planes of the face with AH buffer brush to subtly illuminate and contour the complexion


To learn more about our self tan drops and how they can work as part of your skincare routine, see our website for more info.


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