Tanning Gloves

Pack of 5 Sets

£ 7.00

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These tanning application gloves are Amanda’s secret tool to a professional and flawless finish. Unlike tanning mitts, that excessively absorb product and gather bacteria, these tanning application gloves are the hygienic way to make the product go further. Superfine in texture, they feel like second skin. Pump your Bronzing Body Mousse onto the gloves and work onto skin using sweeping motions – colour glides effortlessly.

Can also be used to protect your hands when dabbing off excess Bronzing Face Mist.


  • Second skin tanning application gloves for a flawless finish
  • Hygienic and non-absorbent
  • 100% nitrile and latex free
  • 5 pairs of gloves per set
  • Up to 3 uses per glove pair


Apply product onto the gloves and sweep onto the skin. When finished rinse, re-use and repeat up to 3 times.



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Tanning Gloves

Pack of 5 Sets

£ 7.00

In stock


After applying our Body Primer, create an initial base tint by working 1-2 pumps of the Bronzing Mousse across your body in sections using the application gloves. These gloves feel like a second skin and allows for flawless coverage and the product to go further.

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